EPic Agar Clan Rules

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EPic Agar Clan Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:21 pm

Finally got a forum working Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
The rules are..
1. Use Agar Plus. ( [url=agarplus.io]agarplus.io[/url] )
This isn't required, but is recommended.
It will help you find clanmates Very Happy
2. DO NOT kill other EPic Clan members without Dero's or Epic's permission.
All people that violate this rule will get reported in clan chat.
And, if I allow you to kill a savage.. don't kill the wrong person, or you still violate this rule Very Happy
3. DO NOT use bots.
Please.. don't. The bot problem is already bad enough, we don't need MORE bots.
Of course, you can use bots if me or Dero allows, but I don't really support bots, so..
4. DO NOT randomly join the clan without a tryout.
The only exception to this is if a streamer with permission uses the clan as a stream clan..


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